The Palisades Hockey Club is a youth travel hockey program dedicated to promoting each players love for the game while developing their team and individual skills both on and off the ice.

Sponsored By:   New York Rangers
West Nyack, New York
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Palisades Predators Hockey Club Code of Conduct

No swearing or abusive language on the bench, in the rink, or at any team

No lashing out at any official no matter what the call is. The coaching staff
will handle all matters pertaining to officiating.

Any player who receives a penalty will skate directly to the penalty box.

Fighting will not be tolerated. Fighting will result in an appearance before a
Discipline Committee.

There will be no drinking, smoking, chewing of tobacco or use of illegal
substance at any team function.

PPHC families will conduct themselves in a befitting manner at all facilities (ice rink, hotel, restaurant, etc) during all team functions.

Any family, player or team official who cannot abide by these rules or violates
them will be subject to further disciplinary action.

USA Hockey has long been a leader in efforts to provide a safe environment for all participants. That evolution has continued with the implementation of the USA Hockey SafeSport Program, which combines long-standing USA Hockey policies with new initiatives aimed specifically at misconduct that can occur off the ice. As you may know, among the components of the USA Hockey SafeSport Program are carefully defined policies prohibiting various forms of abuse, from sexual, physical and emotional, to bullying, threats and hazing. The policies also address areas where misconduct can occur and are intended to reduce the risk of potential abuse, including a locker room policy, a travel policy, and situations surrounding the ever-expanding growth of social media and electronic communications.